This page contains links to downloads of bugiin for the Wii as well as source code.




V1.4- 05/09/10

  • Changed the menus
  • Better hit detection
  • Different game over and level complete screens
  • Improved stability

V1.3- 07/01/09

  • Classic mode supports 2 players now.
  • An options menu has been added to select graphics mode and toggle music/sfx.
  • Swarm mode uses new swatter graphics.
  • Screen shots can be taken by pressing the 1 button at any time.
  • Pressing the 2 button brings up a help screen.
  • Pressing plus during gameplay pauses game.
  • Added border during gameplay.

V1.2 – 06/06/09

  • Fixed bug that could lead to crashes during close
  • Added many new graphical effects
  • Added high score for Classic mode
  • Added new skins for bugs, you can choose this at the main menu
  • Much much more…

V1.1 – 05/31/2009:

  • Added high score table.
  • Fixed levels to be a bit easier.

V1.0 – 05/30/2009:

  • Initial release.

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