bugiin 1.4 ?!?

It’s over a month overdue, but it’s true! Download it here: bugiin 1.4

New Menu

Read on for some insight and the changes.

With my graduation coming up next weekend, it’s been hard for me to find time to do all the bug fixes that I mentioned a couple updates ago. However, I’ve finally found the time to piece together a few fixes. It’s way more fun to add new content, but this update I just found myself fixing things that the updated GRRLIB broke. Because of this, there isn’t much new in terms of content, but at least I’m building with current versions of GRRLIB as well as devkitpro now! What does this mean to you? It means more future updates!

Version 1.4 Changes
*Changed the menus
*Better hit detection
*Different game over and level complete screens
*Improved stability.


2 Responses to “bugiin 1.4 ?!?”

  1. darkgamerxp64 Says:

    nice game…

  2. brunetteredhead Says:

    Thanks a lot! Keep an eye on this blog, there will be some new developments soon 🙂

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