A small update…

Believe it or not, both bugiin and I have made it into 2010! I promise I didn’t fall off the face of the planet… Anyway, a lot has been going on since I started my senior year at Virginia Tech, but I’ve finally managed to find the time to take another glance or two at bugiin.

I didn't end up like one of these guys...

Naturally, both devkitpro and GRRLIB has been updated multiple times since bugiin’s last release. Because of this, I’ve had to update my development environment (which is on a new, way faster machine!) and there are now several issues with my old code. The primary issue has arisen from an update to the method by which GRRLIB allows for texture zooms. Previously, GRRLIB zoomed with respect to the center of the texture. Since the update, it seems it now will expand these textures with respect to the top left corner of the sprite. Since all of my menus and several of the game effects use this zoom, it is taking me a little while to fix this problem. I may write a routine that fixes this issue, or alternatively I might just make brand new, flashier effects ^_^

Regardless, I wanted to let everyone know that bugiin is still being maintained, and a new version should surface within the month. I’m hopeful all of the bugs from the issues from the platform upgrades will be resolved. If you have any feature requests, or any other kinds of suggestions, let me know below and they will most certainly be considered. Additionally, I have come up with a few other surprises that I have in store for you guys!


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