bugiin 1.3 Release!

bugiin version 1.3 is ready for you to download.  You can get the hombrew channel executable or the source code.

Click to read about the new features.

New changes include:

*Classic mode supports 2 players now.

*An options menu has been added to select graphics mode and toggle music/sfx.

*Swarm mode uses new swatter graphics.

*Screen shots can be taken by pressing the 1 button at any time.

*Pressing the 2 button brings up a help screen.

*Pressing plus during gameplay pauses game.

*Added border during gameplay.

So go ahead and download it, and as always please report any issues or feature requests here.  If you don’t report problems with the game, they probably won’t get fixed.  Let me know what you think!


5 Responses to “bugiin 1.3 Release!”

  1. Dave Says:

    Hey salut!
    J’adore ton jeux^^
    Je me suis fait une petite heure de plaisir a battre mon record

  2. sampanda Says:

    congrats on getting a new release out. i’d like to check it out sometime!

  3. jack newman Says:

    looks awesome

  4. jack newman Says:


  5. brunetteredhead Says:

    thanks dude

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