bugiin 1.3 Progress

Just an update on the progress being made on bugiin.  Currently, support for multiple wiimotes in the Classic Mode is being added.  What I’m doing is basically allowing as many swatters as desired join at any time, and all of them will share lives.  It is actually quite fun to play with two swatters at once, and it also makes some of the later levels much easier.  Basically, this will create a 4 player cooperative mode.  Since lives are shared, the levels should not have to be changed (hopefully).

Additionally, the swatter graphics have been updated to match the resolution of the new bug graphics.  This was done to allow for different color swatters, mainly, in order to work with multiplayer.  It has actually been quite easy to add extra swatters, as most of the code is pretty modular.  The biggest problem is making it so that the chasing bugs go after a swatter other than player 1, but this will be done soon enough.

Other things to expect in the next few releases include:

  • Custom music playback (hopefully MP3s)
  • Changing stage backgrounds
  • Custom game frames (instead of the current solid black border)
  • A versus mode of some sort

I wouldn’t expect much more than just the multiplayer mode in version 1.3, though.


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